August 31, 2015

Confessions of an ISFP

The amazing author Jessica Greyson is here to tell you about her personality type! Don't forget, if you want to be part of the 16 Personality post series, take the test ( and email your results to christiellaryder[at]gmail[dot]com. If the slot for your personality type is still open, you will get a chance to help people understand YOU! 

We like to think, that we are special out of the box little people that roam the world, we are the artist and adventurer who as much as we like being thought of as single individuals are the second largest group of introverts that exist...which we don’t find that terribly exciting because, well, naturally we’d rather be a unique rare individual.

I know for myself, the things that I cherish are harmony, creativity, beauty and little pockets of adventure.

When you first meet me I am like a jack in the box. I am there but you certainly don’t see me, you might hear slips and blips about who I might be, but nothing really shows, it’s because I am getting to know you and then BAM! Personality pops out, it might surprise you, and you might wish that I had stayed in the box, because now, you never know what may come out.

Forming opinions isn’t one of the things I do best, it takes a lot of introspection and thinking to come up with an idea I feel like sharing, I seem to float along the river enjoying the ride, but what is really happening is I am taking in several layers of information and analyzing it, filtering, weighing it against my values and the people around me, and it may be hours, days, or even weeks before I come out with an opinion, that I am usually pretty ready to stand by and defend, because it’s been sounded out, and makes least to me, though usually how I came to it is probably well, unethical. However giving an on the spot answer isn’t something I do well and you will usually get an answer that isn’t through and keeps me banging my head against the wall for hours wishing I had said something different.

People watching or reading is one thing I like to do, but it can be very difficult as well. Sometimes I can understand different personality languages, and when they misunderstand each other, it erupts harmony and causes all kinds of trouble, and then trouble builds up in us as well as we watching things escalate and there is nothing we can do!

Also things will frequently build up inside, dreams, desires, goals, plans, aspirations slowly create themselves and evolve under my little thinking cap and then burst out with at least an idea or a fully laid out plan of execution. We are dreamers but also doers. Because what is the point of DREAMING of something if you don’t plan on doing it? I am not a huge fan of sitting on my hands doing nothing unless a thought is growing, I love to watch it evolve and twist and grow and then when it’s ready, so am I to just go where it takes us.

Risks, are something I would have never taken as a child, but they are things I find more interesting as I grow older, the risk of being a published seemed scary but to me the benefits of publishing my writing far outweighed the bad that could possibly happen. Sometimes it shows up in a game of Jenga where I’ll take the more risky blocks...just to see what happens. I know that 90 times out of 10 it will probably fall, but there is that chance that is driven by my curiosity, and it’s only a game of Jenga. And in my case my interest and love of Asia took over and I found it worth the risk to travel half way around the world to be an English teacher.

Things that tick us off:
No harmony.
All dream no do. I mean where is the adventure if you’re not willing to take a few risks and stick your neck out a limb? Needless to say it must be

Things that tickle us:
When you pick up a hint of something we are interested and dying to share and are just ready to burst our buttons off with all kinds of things that have been brewing for the past several months.

Peace and quiet...and a little daydreaming of course. 

Jessica Greyson is a middle child of three, published author of two and Daughter of the One and Only God. She loves her family, books, her characters, old fashioned weaponry, quiet and adventure. You can find her at and her books on amazon.

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