June 21, 2015


Well, not actually abroad like out-of-the-country abroad, but more like just simply out-of-my-house abroad.  Here's what I've been up to the last couple weeks!

Wichita, I think... haha, I can't remember!

Looks like a deer or two decided to bed down in this ditch!

I got to visit my great uncle's grave for the first time since his passing last summer.
He served in WWII and was my birthday twin.  RIP Uncle Less.

This, my friends, is what a $500 jackpot bingo card looks like!

Going exploring.
I have a thing for old buildings, especially barns!

The Dinky Diner... it lives up to its name!

Visiting Amish friends.
Couldn't resist grabbing a shot of the hats and jackets lined up.

Lo, Strategic Air Command Museum!  

SR-71 Nose View.
Side View.

Under View.  This one really gives you size perspective.  

Spectators at the National Formula SAE Competition in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Visiting Homestead Monument National Park.

Just driving through Lincoln, Nebraska.   
Those are the highlights so far.  Do you have any fun memories of the last couple weeks?

**Please don't take my pictures.  If you want them, just ask! 

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