June 16, 2015

Jenna Lynn

Hello Everyone,

Sorry I've been remiss in blogging recently.  However, I'm dropping in to show you what I've been working on in my writing lately.  I've started the second book in my series, and while I'm still working out logistics of the plot and so forth, I couldn't keep myself from jumping into the writing.

Here's a little sneak peek at my brand new character Jenna Lynn Bradley and her handler, Agent Tael Dante.

“Jenna Lynn Bradley, meet your new babysitter.”
Jenna wrinkled her nose as she looked the tall stranger up and down. “I prefer bodyguard, but you know... babysitter works, too.”
The first man scratched his chin thoughtfully. “Technically, he will be your nanny, because babysitters are not used for extended periods of time.”
Technically he would be a manny.”
“You know, a male nanny... Jeff, you are so behind the times.”
The middle aged man shrugged indifferently. “Why do you think I'm trying to get out of this racket?”
“Oh!” Jenna laughed, slapping her knee with added drama. “What a relief, I though I was the reason you were leaving.”
“Don't flatter yourself.” He pulled her into a hug and she breathed deeply one last time of his sweet cologne. He had been a constant in her life when everything else crumbled down around her. “I'm going to miss you.” His whisper melted her heart.
“You better.” She pulled back and forced herself to smile one of her charismatic twinkling smiles... the one that raised one eyebrow and crooked her smile sightly to the right. “You take care.”
“I think I might witness myself a crime so I get to be part of this Witness Protection Program. I think it looks like fun – I may see you around sometime.” He winked playfully at her.
“Sounds like a winning idea. If I hear of anyone needing a witness to their crime, I'll give him your number.” Jenna tried to keep the joyful ring in her voice, even though not a single part of her felt joyful. She would miss the hours upon hours of sarcastic banter she had shared with her handler.
“Take care.” He reached out and patted her shoulder before turning and walking across the parking lot to his car.
Let it go, move on. You're good at this. She turned back to face her new handler, whose name of which she was never actually informed. He stood stoically before her, an epitome of a stick in the mud. Dark hair – almost black – was cut short but left just long enough to comb back in an attractive Italian fashion. His brown eyes were perceptive, the window to an eager mind, though he effectively trained them to focus on his target. Despite a close shave, she could still see a shadow of dark stubble adding character to his chin and jawbone. Six foot-two. Of average law enforcement build. Not a day over twenty five, she guessed.
Jenna evaluated him quickly, taking it all in with a single swipe of her eyes. He was definitely something to look at, she would not deny it. However, he had yet to say a word.
“Does the man speak English?” She raised her eyebrows in question and he shifted slightly on his feet.
“Ms. Bradley.” He nodded politely to her, not even a hint of a greeting smile touching the corners of his mouth.
“I could call you Manny, but I figure you probably have a name.”
“Agent Tael Dante, ma'am.”
“Nice to meet you, Agent Dante sir.” She wasn't sure this was going to work at all... the man had no sense of humor. His personality appeared as dark as the black shirt he was wearing. Lifting her arm to her mouth, she pretended to talk into her watch. “We've confirmed the panjandrum speaks English, however the existence of a sense of humor is still unknown at this time.”
He stood, watching her, un-amused.
Well, this is going to be just worlds of fun.

Well, what do you think?  Did Jenna and Tael grab your interest?

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